About Erlango

When you work with Erlango, we will assemble a skilled, multidisciplinary, worldwide team for your firm that will enable you to achieve your objectives.

Support team

We develop web applications, websites, mobile apps, headless CMS and APIs.

We write business software and link systems together. We improve existing software, write new software and design interfaces.

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Why Erlango

What makes us unique

Long term here for you

Long term here for you

We collaborate with knowledgeable clients to develop long-lasting solutions that expand companies.
Long term here for you

You will enjoy working with us

We handle all aspects of development and make your site do whatever your project requires.
Long term here for you

Our foundation is built on technology

Your site will be reliable, elegantly designed, and scalable.

Our Core Values

Beliefs and principles that drive our team

Deliver outstanding work

We are proud of our work. We challenge ourselves to go the extra mile. We obsess over the details that distinguish between good and great.


Everything we do—including our code, website designs, workplace culture, and management philosophy—is centred on sustainability.

Discover and collaborate

We encourage collaborative learning and teaching both within the company and in the greater IT community.

Continuous improvement

We pursue excellence by seizing every chance to learn, develop, and advance—regardless of what we have already accomplished or potential limitations.

Build a genuine team

Even when being honest is challenging or the truth is unpleasant, we model empathy and promote compassionate honesty.

No dumb idea

At Erlango, each team member can be heard. We encourage everyone to give ideas to solve problems.


Our diverse cultural backgrounds open our eyes to new perspectives. Respectful and with an open mind.


Think creatively, try new things, and be flexible. This makes it possible for us to assist our clients in staying competitive!

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